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An awesome unique take on the Dark Knight!

When I first heard that XM Studios was going to make a Batman Statue that was a samurai, I was skeptical. I am a huge fan of the Dark Knight and have come to expect Batman to look a certain way. I grew up with the traditional blue and grey suit or even the black suit from the modern films. So the idea of having him in samurai armor was completely out of my comfort zone. Nothing could have prepare me for what XM Studios delivered. Their unique re-imagining of this beloved character has definitely made a believer out of me. Which is why I feel that this is one of the best Batman collectibles available today!



XM Studios is renowned for their packaging and this one does not disappoint. All XM boxes have a hard outer shell that feels like it can withstand a nuclear blast. Most of them are simply black with the XM logo on the top. This one, though, has a brushed metal appearance with the Batman logo at the top. All corners are reinforced with a hard plastic out covering that looks like it is riveted to the box. 

Once the cover is removed, you are treated to that new statue smell. My fellow collectors know exactly what I am talking about. Its euphoric and definitely adds to the addiction of this hobby. The Statue is protected in a hard Styrofoam shell that is strapped down tight with 2 large Velcro straps.

Once removed each piece is wrapped in a protective gift tissue paper and then wrapped in a plastic bag to ensure that there are no scratches on statue. Each piece has a unique spot on the foam and fits perfectly so that there is no movement. The statue is spread over 2 layers.

All of this makes for an extremely well protected statue which will arrive to your door in one piece. One thing to note though, the box is very large and very heavy. So expect shipping on this piece to be quite expensive. I am very impressed with the packaging on this piece.

Assembly and Instructions


This statue does not come with Assembly instructions, but it does have a road map for where the pieces to the statue go in the packaging. Batman is fairly easy to put together and assembly took less than 20 min to put together, including time for unpackaging. So instructions were not really neccesary.



Where does he get those wonderful toys? Batman comes with a slew of accessories to make your Dark Kight unique from the rest. There are options for the Samurai armor, Batman Beyond, an Unmasked portrait, and the traditional Batman cowl. As you would expect, he also comes with plenty of gadgets to display with, including real metal swords, batarangs, and a grappling gun!

Beyond the optional pieces to the statue, XM Studios also provides a beautiful art print and a book that goes over the production and inspiration that led to creating this amazing piece. In the book you will find details about the piece directly from the art team behind the statue. Both the book and the art print are fantastic and will compliment the statue on your display



I was blown away when I first saw Batman fully assemembled. XM Studios left no detail out to bring us a Batman that we could believe in. 

The base sets the scene giving us a Japanese roof top. The roof appears to have been damaged from Batman’s latest battle. Every crack, dent, scrape and rubble was painstakingly placed to flesh out the story. Instead of the traditional Gotham gargoyle that we usually see Batman standing on, XM gave us a Japanese gargoyle or Onigawara. 

The detail does not stop at what we can see in front. XM Studios when the extra mile and on the back of the statue, they placed a torii gate with the Batman logo. This I feel is a nice touch that ties the whole piece together.

Batman is impressive, standing stoic as he overlooks the city. This is an iconic look for the caped crusader. I love how the cape is sculpted and flowing in the wind, which provides a dynamic feel to the scene. Batman’s armor is high tech and very much reminds me of the Nolan Batman suit. It is sleek and functional. There is so much detail that every time I look at it, I notice something new. They did a good job to balance the textured and non-textured areas to give contrast to the piece. 

There are many different ways to display Batman. My favorite is still the more traditional look, but the Samurai armor is definitely a close contender. The pauldrons are massive and give our hero some size and presence. The helmet makes Batman look even more fierce and menacing. Couple the armor with the two samurai swords, and it changes the entire feel of the character. 

The sculptor, Suheryanto Hatmaja, should be commended for his work. It is truly a site to behold. 

Paint Application


A good sculpt can only take a piece so far. If the paint looks bad, it can make the statue look cheap. Thankfully, the paint on Batman is almost flawless. XM Studios used a multitude of colors and tones to make this piece a melody for the eyes. The cape for example has blue tones in it that can be seen when the light hits it a certain way. Its truly amazing. I love that the armor has silver, bronze to break up the details and enhance them. 

There are no areas where the paint bleeds or lapses over another part. It is sharp and clean. 

In terms of color my favorite setup is the Batman Beyond look. The addition of the red breaks up all of the darker tones and really pushes the piece. To go along with this look, there is a red batarang and a red sword. 

Now if you noticed I said almost flawless. This is because the only part of the paint that I feel was overlooked is the lips on the traditional Batman head sculpt. I feel that they went with a little too much red. It almost reads like he is wearing lipstick. 

But other than that minor detail, the rest of Batman is a masterpiece for the eyes!

The Verdict


The Batman Samurai Statue is an outstanding piece. XM Studios has taken a character that we have all grown to love, and re-imagined him into something new and fresh. From concept to implementation, XM Studios took this piece to a whole new level. I would place it among the best of the Batman statues out in the market today. 


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