Venom Statue

We are VENOM!! So far, all the talk has been about Venom today! First, Sony released the latest Venom movie trailer. And now, we have the first look at the Venom Statue by Erick Sosa!

Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue

As a veteran in the industry, Erick Sosa is no stranger to the Marvel heroes and villains. He has sculpted for big companies like Kotobukiya and XM Studios, as well as for his own company PrototypeZ Studios. While he continues to sculpt our comic book heroes, Sosa enjoys creating characters from the Street Fighter universe. So when Marvel vs Capcom released, it was inevitable that Sosa would create some of the most impressive statues for the fans of this series.

Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue

The next in this awesome line is Venom! Like all of his work, Sosa manages to capture the energy and character of his subject perfectly. Not only did he give us a three-dimensional rendition of this anti-hero, but he added a little extra to it as well.

Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue

Marvel vs Capcom first released in 1998. At that time, the complexity and detail of a video game character was not yet what it is today. So for Sosa to translate Venom from his 2D roots to a large 1/4 scale statue, he would have to add more detail that wasn’t there originally.

Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue

To start, Sosa captured the bulk and size of Venom from the original game. Additionally, he added more veins and bloat to the muscles. Venom looks lean and ready to battle anything. Also, he gave the skin a texture which provides contrast against the smooth spider logo on the chest and hands.

Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue

Then there is the base. It is simple and clean, but it also has the violent symbiotes swarming around Venom. This is taken straight out of the video game. The high gloss finish adds another level of contrast.

Venom Statue Venom Statue Venom Statue

Lastly, you get not 1 but 3 different portraits. The first portrait features Venom with his iconic long slithery tongue hanging out. The second has the villain with his teeth bared. The last portrait is the most unique though. This one features Venom in mid-transformation. Here you can see Eddie Brock allowing the symbiote to take over.

To put the finishing touches on this piece, Carlos Rodriguez provided his outstanding painting skills. The result is one hell of a Venom statue.

But enough about what we think, what are your thoughts on this piece? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. If this is 500 dollars I will preorder this can’t wait for it if it meets my price range I can’t afford 1000 dollar statue but 500 is pushing it for me


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