Toy Story 3 Mosaic

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Each mosaic is made from 40,000 still image “tiles” from Toy Story 1 and 2, including credits.

There are 16 mosaics, or 640,000 tiles.

These mosaics don’t use “cheats” such as tile tinting or blending with the original image.

When we zoom out to see that one mosaic is part of a bigger mosaic, it’s 200 times bigger than the first.  Zoom out again and that mosaic is 4,000 times bigger than the first one. Do that four times and it’s 8 million times bigger than the first.

Whenever the camera appears to be moving at a constant speed, it’s actually accelerating.

The final animation is over 3,000 fames long.

Each frame took between 30 seconds to 16 minutes to render.


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