Touka vs Tsukiyama StatueTokyo Ghoul Fan Get Ready – The Touka vs Tsukiyama Statue Diorama is Coming to Figurama Collectors!

In response to the success of their first Tokyo Ghoul Statue – Kaneki vs Jason, Figurama Collectors is immortalizing another battle from the fan-favorite anime. This new piece will be a battle between Touka and Tsukiyama. The setting will be the midnight solitude of the church based from Episode 6. Figurama Collectors stated the new addition to the Elite Fandom series will be display grace through its artistry. The Touka vs Tsukiyama Statue will include lithe and aesthetic figures, elegant combat, and an eye-tracking-based design.

This is very exciting news, as this is the first time Figurama Collectors has added a second edition to a line. Moreover, the new Tokyo Ghoul statue will be the first time Figurama Collectors features a female character! As Tokyo Ghoul is a very popular line for Figurama fans, they looking to create more characters in the future. So, make sure to share your thoughts and opinions of what you would like to see next! For more news on the Figurama Collectors, keep it locked at MCE!


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