Marvel Comics Venom

This week’s pick for #SuperheroSaturdays is the keeper of the symbiotes – MARVEL COMICS VENOM. Image is by Nick Percival.

Marvel Comics Venom first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #298 in March 1998. Venom is a symbiotic alien organism that feeds on adrenaline. It grants it’s host superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Additionally, gives it’s host spider like abilities similar to Spider-Man. The symbiote first attached to Spider-Man — increasing his abilities. Still, the symbiote was rejected by the hero, and it attached itself to another foe of Peter Parker. Eddie Brock became the first Venom. Now armed with the knowledge of his identity and hidden from his spider-sense, Venom became one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemies.

Because symbiotes do not exclusively bond to one being, a number of people have taken on the character of Marvel Comics Venom. The most notable hosts include Army Ranger Lee Price who became a super villain with the symbiote. With another military host, the symbiote’s turned Army Corporal, Flash Thompson, into an agent of the United States government and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Last but not least, Mac Gargan operated the Symbiote as a member of the Thunderbolts and the Dark Avengers.

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