DC Comics Lobo

This week’s pick for #SuperheroSaturdays is the most feared assassin in the universe, DC COMICS LOBO. Image is by Stanislav Klabik.

Lobo debuted in Omega Men (Vol. 1) #3 in June 1983. Lobo is from the planet Czarnia. And though there are a couple versions of how; he causes the destruction of his planet. In one version, Lobo was simply born to be bad. As a teenager, he created a plague which killed the inhabitants of his homewolrd so he can be unique. Following this death of his world, he set off to prove he was the baddest in the universe. In another version, Lobo was part of the Royal Guard. While confronting his king whose insanity was hurting the planet, he kills the king. Because the king and planet were linked, this action destroys the planet.  Again, once becoming the last survivor, he sets off to become a deadly and ruthless intergalactic hitman.

Lobo has many abilities. He has super strength, stamina, durability, and heightened senses. He has the ability to regenerate. Additionally, He can withstand exposure to space vacuum. Moreover, he as genius level intellect, and an arsenal of advanced weapons. Last but not least, he has a custom spacecraft and armored monowheel to chase down his contracts. Lobo is a tenacious and brutal force that you do not want coming after you. If you are on his list, he will stop at nothing to close the contract – usually with your head.

Fun fact: Lobo is the baddest and meanest in the universe. So much so, he has been banned from both Heaven and Hell. I mean, how bad do you need to be to get banned from Hell. Even so, the guy has a soft side. His favorite animal and pets are space dolphins. Space dolphins are very similar to Earth dolphins, which are kind and gentile. It is ironic that a ruthless “bastich” like Lobo chooses these animals has his pet of choice. You would think it would be a wolf, right.

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