DC Comics Batgirl
This week’s pick for #SuperheroSaturdays is the tenacious Barbara Gordon, DC COMICS BATGIRL. Images is by Leos “Okita” Ng.

DC Comics Batgirl first appeared in Detective Comics (Vol. 1 #359) in January, 1967. Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon. Following in the steps of her hero father, she spends her life trying to help the people of Gotham City. Being extremely athletic, Batgirl is an expert in martial artist and gymnast. Additionally she has a photographic memory, advance knowledge in computers, a natural leader. It’s know wonder why Batman took her under his wing. Though she may have started her career imitating the legendary Dark Knight, Batgirl has since grown into her own – turning her brilliant mind and training into her own crime fighting style.

Following the success of the latest Wonder Woman movie; Batgirl is set to be the second female DC character to have a film to her name. Warner Bros. announced that Joss Whedon is set to write and direct the studio’s new Batgirl movie. And if rumors are true, the Batgirl story is based on the New 52 comics.

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