Sideshow Black Widow Premium Format Exclusive Unboxing and Review

Today on Marvelous Statues we take a look at the Avengers Master Assassin and Spy. This is the Sideshow Black Widow Premium Format Exclusive Unboxing and Review!

When I first laid eyes on the new Sideshow Black Widow Premium Format Figure, I was immediately taken back. I loved the pose, the detail, and the composition. Most of all, I loved that she did not feature any mixed media. While I think that the original Black Widow Premium Format is a nice piece, I always felt the mixed media was a weak point of that piece.

Seeing her in person now, I have to say that I still mostly feel the same way. The sculpt is very impressive in this piece. The new Sideshow Black Widow has outstanding details throughout the entire statue. Let’s break her down.

The Good!

First, the base sets the scene. Sideshow placed her on what looks like the deck of the Hellicarier or a Sheild Base. Details like the diamond plating floor, a multitude of screws and bolts and that Agents of Sheild logo on the back sell the whole look. Additionally, a defeated Ultron Sentry lays just beneath Black Widow’s feet. Sideshow also sculpted the Sentry with an extreme amount of detail throughout the body. Every joint, bolt and vertebra can be seen.

Next, Black Widow is front and center. The base does not take too much away and leaves the heroine at the focal point as it should. There are a plethora of details in her outfit. Every facet of armor looks functional and neat. Areas of high detail are separated by smooth plates to create a beautiful contrast. Not to mention that pose. The Sideshow Black Widow looks strong and confident as she should be.

Black Widow wouldn’t be much without her weapons, and Sideshow delivered there as well. She holds an impressive rifle that is nearly half her height in one hand and a small gun in her other. Both are highly detailed and realistic looking.

Lastly, her portraits are both sculpted very nicely. Each of the Sideshow Black Widow portraits has an element of beauty and strength. The best part of the portraits is that they attach to the body seamlessly. Sideshow decided to cut the portraits at the shoulder line instead of the neckline. This allows them to use the plating of the armor to hide the seam.

I would say for the better part the sculpt is near perfect.

The Bad!

Now if you notice I haven’t talked about the paint yet. That is because there are a few things that I felt could have been improved there as well as one minor flaw in the sculpt.

First, the only part of the sculpt I did not like is the hairline of the Exclusive portrait. Sideshow decided to give her a clean line at the brow. This gives the impression that she has a cap of hair on her head rather than the hair starting from the scalp. As someone that was a fan of the long hair version of this character, this was a major let down for me. Thankfully the Short Hair version still looks very good.

Lastly, the paint is a little lacking. The best parts of the paint are the bottom part of the base, Black Widow’s body, and the Exclusive portrait. All of them feature vibrancy and liveliness in color. The base has an array of different tones which bring the floor of the Hellicarier to life. The suit has tones of Black and blues to separate the suit parts and all of this is broken up by the gold and red accents. But not all of it looks great.

The short hair portrait looks flat. While the rest of the suit is bright and beautiful, the Collectors Edition portrait looks like it came off the pages of an old comic book. The Ultron Sentry shares the same flat paint application. Which makes me feel like they were painted by two different people, or it was just done quickly.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think that the Sideshow Black Widow Premium Format Figure is an OK statue. It has so much that I think works for it, but because of a few trips, it doesn’t reach its full potential.

These are my thoughts, but I am curious to hear what you think. Do you love this piece? Let me know in the comments!

This Exclusive may be sold out but the Collectors Edition is still available. You can buy her today at Sideshow.

Thanks for watching!

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