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Funko Pop Hunting, Gamestop Mystery Boxes, and Grails!!!!

What's Poppin Everyone! I'm Funko pop hunting again, getting those Gamestop Mystery boxes, and found some Grails at T'z Toys & Games. And That's...

Funko Pop Hunting, Unkle Figs, and Park & Swap

What's Poppin Everyone! I'm back again for some more Funko Pop Hunting at Unkle Figs and going to the Park & Swap. And ...

Funko Pop Hunting, Pop Gods Forgot Me, and Batman!

What's Poppin Everyone! I'm funko pop hunting again, I think the pop gods forgot me, and I got the last batman I needed for...

Thursday Night Pop Off! The Battle for Funko Pop Supremacy

Tonight, we have the return of the Thursday Night Pop Off! The battle for Funko Pop Supremacy rages on tonight at 7pm EST! Seth tries...

Funko Pop Hunting, Walmart Chrome Thanos, Unkle Figs, and Grails!!

What's Poppin Popheads! I'm funko pop hunting again for Walmart Chrome Thanos, At Unkle Figs for a Grail, and get a grail mail call,...

Funko Pop Hunting, Die Hard, and Anti-Venom Box Lunch

What's Poppin Popheads! I'm funko pop hunting again for Die Hard, Austin Powers, and Anti-Venom Box Lunch exclusive. Also trying to track down the...

Thursday Night Pop Off – Funko Pop Giveaway

This is part 2 of the Thursday Night Pop Off! We Giveaway a mystery Funko Pop Figure!

Thursday Night Pop Off – Funko Jim Lee Joker vs the NYCC Bat!

Its time for the Thursday Night Pop Off!! Join us at 7pm EST time for Royal Rumble for Pop Supremacy! The Funko Jim Lee Joker...

Funko Pop Hunting, Orlando, Disney World, and Chrono Toys Box

What's Poppin Everyone. I'm Funko Pop hunting again in Orlando, Disney World, and got a Chrono Toys Mystery box with an really awesome pop....