How to prep something for Spectra Chroming and Why I Don’t do Repairs

So this video shows the steps you have to take in order to prep a piece for hydro chroming also known as Spectra Chrome....

1/4 Alpha 3 Dead Pool sculpted by Avi Ay review

My Alpha 3 1/4 Dead Pool 1 Man Army kit came in. Check it out. Sculpted buy Avi Ay: Alpha 3:

WIP #1 1/5 Hulk Vs. Thor Prototype by B.E.S.T

Here is the intro to this awesome prototype I'll be doing up for B.E.S.T. Anyone that PO'd this will love it. ...

1/4 Robin sculpted by Avi Ay

Here is my rendition of Salt and Pepper's 1/4 Robin. This is #30 of the ES. I wanted to do something different so...

WIP#8 Alpha3 Prototype Batman Build and Paint Up

More progress. Finalizing the skin tone, masking and painting the belt and few other things.

WIP#7 Alpha3 Prototype Batman Build and Paint Up

Tonight's goal was to spray the blue other than the pants which I'll do after this step has a chance to cure.

WIP#6 Alpha3 Prototype Batman Build and Paint Up

Here I lay down the skin tones and show you how I do that. I show you how I masked un preparation for...

WIP#5 Alpha 3 Prototype Batman Build and Paint (sorry about sound quality)

So after sending Mark photos my process and after sleeping on it, I decided the grey needed some work. It was too flat...