1/24 Police Car from 5th Element from original molds

Here is a very cool kit my buddy Steve Hyde just dropped off. This is a 1/24 Police Car casted from the original...

1/4 Beast Prototype from Graven Labs FINISHED!!

Here is the Graven Labs Beast all done. Thanks to everyone who watched the WIP videos.

1/4 Beast Prototype from Graven Labs Final WIP

In this WIP we wrap up this build.

1/4 Beast Prototype from Graven Labs WIP #7

In the home stretch. About 12 hours of work left and he's done.

Upgraded the spray booth with a 2nd fan.

With the amount of painting I've been doing and with all the rattle can sealer I've been using, it was necessary to upgrade the...

Mail call from Garagekits.us Labor Day Sale

I took advantage of Jesse's Labor Day sale and grabbed the last 2 of my Denizens of Zo kit collection as well as his...

1/4 Turner Superman kit from Tiger J Customs Review

Just recieved the Tiger J Customs Classic Tuner Superman kit. It's a nice piece with an amazing cape. Mine arrived damaged but...

WIP#8 1/4 Custom Wolverine sculpted by Eric Sosa

Final WIP. Finishing base and spotting in the neck.