1/4 Beast Prototype from Graven Labs WIP# 1

Here is the 1st WIP of the Graven Labs Beast prototype. 1st step is to get a few things to fit better.

1/4 Kingdom Come Superman kit from Erikc Sosa and Prototypez Studios Review

Well, here it is guys. The highly anticipated update and new release of Erick Sos'a very famous Kingdom Come Superman kit. Erick...

Logan, Professor and X23 kit review from Paul Gill

Paul Gill delivers again with these 3 fantastic kits of Old Logan, Professor and X23 from the movie Logan. Jeff Yeger and Mark...

1/100 Maniac Studio ZZ Ver. Ka. Resin Dress Up Kit Review

Just grabbed this very nice resin dress up kit for the Bandai MG ZZ Ver. Ka. from Abby Lee on Facebook. It's from...

1/4 Custom Beast Smackdown. Which one do you prefer?

Heres a great comparison between the 2 best custom Beasts out there IMO, The Doose Beast and the Graven Labs Beast. Which is...

1/4 Pierced Spirited kit review from DXA Designs sculpted by Sheridan Doose

DXA Designs delivers another top quality kit. "Pierced Spirited" is a 2 figure kit consisting of Jean Grey and Weapon X. Sculpted...

1/4 Beast Prototype from Graven Labs sculpted by Avi

Here is the intro video to the Gravin Labs 1/4 Custom Beast statue. This is a fantastic piece sculpted by Avi Ay and...

Mini Hulk and Mini Black Panther from Troy Mcdevitt kit review

Here some new sculpts from Troy Mcdevitt. Troy introduced these guys along with a few others at Wonderfest this year. Beautifully sculpted...

1/5 Laguna from Filmy’s Girls Kit Review

Marc Havican and Filmy's Girls deliver another fantastic kit. Laguna is Filmy's latest full figure female kit. Sculpted by Roberto Von Behr,...