1/8 Ares bust kit from Maven Collectibles Review

Check out this amazing 1/8 Ares bust kit from Maven Collectibles. The packaging, sculpt and casting are excellent. This kit also...

1:4 Kingdom Come FINISED!

Here is my 1/4 Kingdom Come Superman Finished.

1:4 Kingdom Come WIP #1

Here is my 1st WIP on the 1/4 Kingdom Come Superman sculpted by Eric Sosa. In this WIP I take care of almost...

Spring Peach Blossom by Yuanxing Liang

Here is my 1st look at a piece sculpted by Chinese artist Yuanxing Liang. This is his Spring Peach Blossom. This piece...

Graven Labs Cyclops Prototype Intro

Here is the 2nd prototype I'll be doing for Graven Labs, Cyclops. He looks awesome and he'll be a blast to paint up.

Pkking Kirin WIP #1

Here is WIP #1 on the Pkking Kirin. Check it out. Original unboxing and review from 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrVXxUPbgKA Pkking on the web: http://www.resin-kit.com/team-view/pkking/ Pkking on FaceBook:...

Iwata HP-TH demo

Trying my Iwata HP-TH for the 1st time that I bought from Thomas Grossman. It makes quick work of such a large piece. ...

Pathos Tinker Bell GK Review

Check out this beautiful garage kit of Tinker Bell. Sculpted by Roberto Von Behr and offered by Pathos Creations. To get you own Tinker...

New DIY Soraybooth

Built back in December just forgot to upload. I needed something much bigger than what I had. It's been updated twice already...