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Gem Mint Collectibles LIVE! Episode 15: #RoadToXMen1

Episode 15 we talk Manimal's decision to sell his long boxes in order to fund an X-Men 1. Gem has an eBay horror story....

Gem & Manimal Recent Reads: THANOS vol. 2

Gem Mint and Manimal review the recent Thanos run.

Manimal’s Weekly Pulls 5/9/2018

Manimal shows of his pull list for 5/9/18

Omnibus Comic Book Haul 5/9/2018

Gem Mint breals down the 4 books from the latest haul.

Gem Mint Collectibles LIVE! Episode 14: Radd Titan + 5K Giveaway!

Special guests Radd Titan host GMC Live for episode 14. We also draw the 3 winners for the 5K giveaway!

Omnibus Comic Book Haul 5/02/2018

Gem shows 2 weeks of TPBs and HCs from

Gem Mint Collectibles LIVE! Episode 13: No Infinity War Spoilers

Gem and Manimal are back with Episode 13 on GMCLIVE! We will not be talking Avengers Infinity Wars Spoilers

Manimal Recent Reads: Batman and The Signal

Manimal's first recent reads on the 3 part mini series: Batman and The Signal.

Gemanimal AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Movie Review

Non-Spoiler Review starts at 07:43 Spoiler Review starts at 15:46 Gem Mint and Animal talk Avengers Infinity War!