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Mai Shiranui 1:4 Scale Statue by H.M.O. Collectibles


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HMO brings back the immense nostalgia of the King of Fighters series in this official collaboration with SNK to bring the curvaceous Mai Shiranui to life!

In this limited edition premium 1:4 scale statue, Mai is based on her original KOF ’98 design and is realized in 3-Dimensions. With master-level paint applications and a flowing poetic stance, HMO’s Mai Shiranui awes you with subtle elegance mixed with raw fighting power.

Like the latest of the award-winning HMO Girl Series, Mai Shiranui comes with HMO’s very own Realeyez Technology and Realskinz Technique. With only limited numbers available worldwide, this is one masterpiece for all who have enjoyed the KOF series before.


Mai Shiranui (不知火 舞, Shiranui Mai) is a character from both the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of fighting games by SNK. She is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, master of ninjitsu and Koppo-ken. Mai learned from her father the secrets of Ninjitsu.

During nearly every King of Fighters tournament, Mai Shiranui pesters Andy to enter and form a team with her. Upset at his refusals and choice to join a separate team, she forms an all-women team with the help of Yuri and King. In the following years, her teammates change, but she remains firm to enter the tournament to help encourage King and her fellow team members and to prove to Andy the error of his ways.

In King of Fighters 99, she is finally able to join the tournament in the same team as Andy. However, in the following tournament was asked to step out to allow Blue Mary to investigate a case. Denied again, Mai Shiranui is angered by the request and joins the Women’s team again and has remained a reoccurring member ever since. In the various team endings, she is often celebrating the team’s victory at King’s bar or fantasizing about Andy.

Manufactured by: 
H.M.O. Collectibles

SNK Co. Limited


  • Sculpt: Mufizal Mokhtar
  • Paint: James Tce
  • Art Direction: HMO Design and Development Team


  • Height: 74.93 cm


  • Statue is priced at $799
  • Statue is expected to be released at Q4 2019
  • Any deposit/payment made is non-refundable
  • Edition Size: 550


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