Pacific Rim Uprising is a romping mayhem of destruction and fun!

by Ken Lethbridge
First Impressions: WOW those robots would be cool action figures.

The morning after, Pacific Rim 2 is the perfect movie for anyone who enjoys watching the Japanese imported Godzilla movies. The acting isn’t great, the characters are cutouts but it just doesn’t matter. Although when the Jaegers (Robots) fight the Kaiju all is forgiven. The sheer destruction is a wonder to behold. I caught myself smiling every time a building went down. 

The story is a typical, “we need to bring back the disillusioned star pilot back to the fold”, who is ably played by John Boyega (Star Wars’ Fin). A large corporation is hoping to take over protection of the coastal cities via un-maned Jaeger drones, but when things go wrong with the drones (Because that never happens!) all the pilots must come back to defeat the new threat.

The cast is fine and does a decent job with the material, although Charlie Day’s character, Dr. Newton Geiszier, never really falls into place, I was never sure if I was supposed to like him (Like in the first movie) or if something was off in this one. Even at the very end, it wasn’t resolved.

BUT WHO CARES! Giant robots just destroying everything in sight. The CGI here really stands out. I feel it is much better than then Michael Bay’s Transformers series, which tries to have so much going on in each scene you miss 90% of the details in each robot. Not here, the action is easy to follow, brightly lit and just amazing to see.

So if you are looking for a deep and thoughtful period piece pass on this. But if you want to recapture that feeling of watching Godzilla fight Monster Zero this is your film.

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