Omega Red

Omega Red Statue

Sculpted by Pablo Vicentin and Supervised by Pablo Viggiano

Every now and then the “Statue Gods” grace us with a piece that breaks the mold. Such is the case with this Omega Red statue. Through the combined efforts of two world-class sculptors, this villain of Wolverine finally has his time to shine. This Omega Red is truly in a class of its own.

 Omega Red StatueOmega Red Omega Red

Despite being one of the most recognized Wolverine enemies, Omega Red really hasn’t received many 3D representations. Sure there have been a few statues, and soon XM will release one that is pretty good. While all of these capture the general look of the character, none capture the character essence quite like this one.

From top to bottom, Sculptors, Pablo Vicentin and Pablo Viggiano, toiled and wrestled with this design to give us the most comic accurate version of Omega Red to date. Arkady Rossovich is jumping out of the comics and into tangible form.

Omega Red Omega Red Omega Red Omega Red

First, the base sets the scene. It not only provides a cool element but it also acts as a call back to Red’s origin. Rossovich underwent years of experimental torture which turned him into the monster he is. Omega Red stands atop a destroyed chamber or capsule. Additionally, elements like the Russian Star and the Omega logo at the top all work together to tie the villain to the scene. Also, the frozen icicles along the edges further place the character in Russia. Rossovich has broken out and is now Omega Red!

Omega Red Omega Red Omega Red Omega Red

Besides the portrait, the pose of a character delivers the most we will get about their attitude. Since we cannot hear them speak to us, body language is all a sculptor has to portray emotion. Omega Red is a vicious and feral villain. Before the experimentation, he would rape young girls. His actions are what eventually lead to his court-martial and induction into the secret Russian Super Soldier Program. In the comics, Omega Red is seen hunched over and on the prowl. He lunges and attacks like a wolf or other lethal predator. But something that is often forgotten is that this character likes to toy with his prey. He not only wants to kill you, but he also wants to have you afraid before he does it.

The sculptors captured this characters true nature perfectly. The body language says to fear him and prepare to die. While it does not have a dynamic action-packed pose, the Omega Red statue has an extreme amount of energy. It delivers a balanced combination of Power and Presence.

Omega Red

Finally, the portrait is where all the focus takes place on a character. When an artist is presenting a popular character like this one, the portrait has to be spot on. Like the rest of this statue, the portrait does not disappoint at all. This statue has the most Jim Lee accurate portraits we have ever seen in any statue. There have been many that attempt to get the Jim Lee portraits correct. While some have come very close, none has ever reached this kind of accuracy. If one portrait was not enough, they managed to deliver 6 different options that all reach this level of quality.

Omega Red Omega Red Omega Red Omega RedOmega Red

For these reasons and so much more, this Omega Red statue will be rated among the best. It is definitely one that collectors will seek for years to come.

That is our thoughts, but what do you think about this masterpiece? Let us know in the comments.

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