Smithsonian Black Panther

Black Panther Goes to the Smithsonian

By Mr. Superhero’s Wife


Mark your calendars for a trip to Washington, D.C. this fall. In October, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture is hosting its first film festival. And the actual on-set Black Panther costume worn by Chadwick Boseman will be part of a special festival exhibit.

Smithsonian Black PantherThis will be a great opportunity for east coast fans to see T’Challa’s “habit” up close! West coast fans already had their chance to see the costume at El Capitan Theatre. The El Capitan Theatre of Hollywood, CA showcased T’Challa’s costume and the costumes of his whole crew.

Strange Timing

The strange thing about the Smithsonian exhibit and the whole Smithsonian Black Pantherfilm festival is that it’s scheduled to run from a Wednesday through a Sunday (October 24 – 27). Knowing how hugely popular the film was; it seems like Smithsonian would want as many BP fans as possible to come out. So why schedule the festival during the work week and not the weekend? But there is still hope. If the Smithsonian is able to close the deal on making the exhibit permanent, any fan who misses the event will still be able to drop in for a personal look.

More Superhero Costumes to Come?

How cool would it be if T’Challa’s habit is the first step to a full-on superhero exhibit in the museum? Wesley Snipes’ leather trench coat from Blade would have to be there. Halle Berry’s Catwoman or Storm costumes, of course. Even comedic superheroes like Blankman (Damon Wayan) and Meteor Man (Robert Townsend) could be there for giggles.

If the costumes from the handful of superhero films with black lead characters could be displayed, this would clearly illustrate what a big deal Black Panther really was. Though, let’s be honest. No other black lead superheroes has had anything mildly comparable to the effect Black Panther has had on comics and the black community.

Looking to Soak Up the Magic, Keep an Eye Out for Passes!

Smithsonian Black PantherFor those who will travel to see the exhibit; they’ll be looking to relish in as much Black Panther goodness as they can. For now, Smithsonian has confirmed that the festival exhibit will include T’Challa’s habit, a signed Black Panther shooting script, pages of spec script, and photographs that illustrate the film-making process.

Since the museum opened in 2016, tickets have been tricky to get. Advanced passes are already sold out through October. Film festival passes will be sold separately from regular museum day passes. If you didn’t get to see Black Panther’s habit at El Capitan and you want to get a first-hand look during the Smithsonian film festival, keep close tabs on the festival’s site as passes will undoubtedly go fast.

I hope fans get a chance to see T’Challa’s habit. And if not, Wakanda forever!


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