MCE is home to The Geek Show, Marvelous Statues, What’s Poppin, and more. We are a community of pop culture fans and talented creators with daily collectible news and entertaining videos.  We are passionate, honest, inquisitive, imaginative, geeky, and most importantly FUN! If you’re an active enthusiast or a newcomer to the community, tune in often and enjoy! 


Gooood Evening Geek Nation! I’m Jorge, aka The Marvelous Knight. What can I say… I Collect and I Know Things. I’m a Disney dad, a lover of movies and comics, and a collecting aficionado.  So Keep It Marvelous and May the Force Be with You!

WHAAAATTSS Poppin Everybody! I’m Seth, aka The Pop Knight, aka The King of Pop, aka The Mouth. I’m just a guy who lives his life one Pop Hunt at a time! I love Captain America, Rocky, and the Yankees.  The only other thing you should know is “Don’t Poke the Bayer!”

What’s Up People! I’m John, aka The MCE Gambit, aka The Producer.  All in all, I believe life should be a collection of amazing experiences!  So I have one question…  “Who’s coming with me?!”

Welcome!  I’m Calvin, aka The Statue Fanatic. As the name implies, I love collecting. I’ve been collecting for 20 years and still have my first statue and figures. And I encourage you to connect to that inner kid we all have in us – PEACE!


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