Figurama Collectors Ragnarok Thor Unboxing and Review IDW

Check out the Mighty Thor from the Comic Ragnarok by Walter Simonson. The masters at Figurama Collectors crafted this fantastic piece!

As the only statue to ever represent Walter Simonson’s epic creation, this Thor stands above others in its scale. The Ragnarok Thor Diorama is considered to be a 1/6 scale diorama, but really it’s a little bit smaller. The characters stand around 9 – 10 inches which put this scale around 1/7th rather than 1/6th. But the size doesn’t define this piece.

Figurama pulled from the pages of the book to bring us a dynamic and fun piece. Fans of the comic will recognize that the studio captured Thor’s look perfectly. He stands atop a huge Nordic styled base. Around the base there are glyphs and runes to give it an old Viking look. Additionally, the sculptor placed rocks and broken statues across the base to give the scene life.

And at the center of it all is Thor wielding¬†Mj√∂lnir against his foes. The god hammer’s impressive lightning blast knocks back each of the ghoulish monsters. Thor’s attack is executed effortlessly and blasts his enemies off the base.

For such a small scale statue, Figurama spared no details on this piece. From textures to paint, this piece jumps off the comics like a lightning bolt from the sky. Everything from the rotting flesh on the ghouls to the fibers on Thor’s garments is painstakingly applied to this statue to make it no less Mighty than the larger statues it competes with.

Some critiques

While this statue is sent from the Valhalla itself, there are a few points to note about the build on this piece. First, the instructions that came with this diorama were excellent. It is very easy to put together and everything fits perfectly. But due to the size of some of the pieces, it is very delicate. pieces like the weapons of the ghouls are shipped well but are loose on the statue. They are also brittle. So you have to be very careful when handling.

Thor’s lightning is also a delicate piece although it does have some flexibility when placing it on the statue. The holes that the lightning mounts to are very small, so it will take a little time to mount it in place. But other than those small issues, the rest of the statue is perfect.

But I am curious to hear your thoughts on this statue. Are you a fan of Ragnarok? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for watching!

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