Figurama Collectors Devilman vs Amon Unboxing and Review

The Devilman vs Amon Diorama has finally arrived in the house. We saw this one at Wonder Festival and it blew us away by the high-level detail. Will the final production piece hold up to the hype? You are damn right it did.

I have seen some impressive statues this year, but this is only the second one to reach a 10 out of 10 Marvelous Statues status. With an insane pose and epic storytelling, Figurama delivered one of the greatest anime statues to date!

First, let’s talk about the packaging.

This box is HUGE!! I’m not kidding when I say that. The box is larger than any other I have opened before. You really need two people to carry this one safely. I struggled by myself but I’m the Marvelous Knight and that is what I do. Like XM Studios, the packaging is ultra durable. The statue comes in a reinforced thick box. Heavy styrofoam and straps secure Devilman in the box. Figurama wrapped each piece of the statue in tissue and then in plastic to ensure no scratches on the paint. Also, each of the delicate pieces is stuffed with foam for added protection.

Now let’s talk about the statue.

Devilman vs Amon is sculpted by the great Caleb Nefzen. With many amazing pieces under his belt, Caleb is one of the premier sculptors of our time. The statue depicts the final battle as Devilman takes on Amon in an epic struggle of good vs evil. There is no limit to the amount of texture and detail that this statue delivers. I stared at it for an hour and I am still looking at it and finding new things to see.

First, we start with the base!

The base features these intricate demonic skulls. Eight of them adorn the base and are connected with a skeletal frame which adds to the horror. The rock formation that sits directly on top of the skulls is full of dynamic action. It looks as if the rocks are being pulled up as Devilman flies up in the air for his attack. The paint is a mixture of warm and cool greys that dramatically enhances the base perfectly.

And then the Figures next!

Amon stands directly on top of the base and looks like a massive beast. Caleb sculpted in every fiber of detail in the skin and muscles. Veins are protruding on the biceps and every strand of hair is visible. He left no detail out. One of the coolest aspects of Amon is the lack of seam lines. With a naked figure, there are bound to be seam lines, but Figurama managed a way around that. Each piece fits in perfectly and the seam lines are natural points where the eye will not catch them when looking at the piece.

Devilman is no less intricate than Amon. He attaches to Amon at the right elbow. There is a long pin that will ensure that he remains there while displayed. The most impressive aspect of Devilman is the gigantic wings. They are made with a semi-translucent resin. This allows light to subtlely pass through, which makes for some cool display options. Also, you can see veins in the skin of the wings. Its absolutely fantastic.

Both Devilman and Amon are painted just as impressively as the base. There is not just one color applied to any of the pieces on this statue. A multitude of colors was applied to deliver depth and vibrancy in the piece. There are areas of shine but next to matted sections to provide contrast. If the sculpt is the foundation of this piece, the color definitely brought it to life.

Final thoughts!

For all of all of these reasons, Figurama’s Devilman vs Amon Elite Exclusive Diorama is among the best anime statues of all time. This statue will be a sure contender for statue of the year and may even reach grail status with its low edition size and superb quality. For those of you that were able to buy it, congratulations. For those of you still seeking this piece, good luck, and happy hunting.

Thanks for watching and remember to Keep it Marvelous!

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