Emma Frost Diamond Select Gallery Statue Review


Emma Frost Diamond Select Gallery Review
Emma Frost was born to a wealthy family, and
resented her cold and distant parents until her
psychic powers manifested as a teen. Using
her newfound abilities, she began running
schemes, destroying her enemies,
and eventually seized control of the anti-mutant Hellfire
Club, turning it into a secret mutant society.As
CEO of Frost International, she financed the
club and became headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, where she trained young
mutants and formed them into a team, the
Hellions.When the time-traveling Trevor
Fitzroy wiped out the Hellions, she was saved
by her old enemies, the X-Men, after which
she acted as a teacher to the Generation X
team, and eventually joined the X-Men proper.
She has since developed a secondary
mutation,diamond-hard skin, and has even
acted as the team leader.
This exclusive”diamond””PVC Diorama of
Emma Frost is based on her appearance
in Marvel Comics. It is made of
high-quality plastic and features
detailed sculpting and paint applications.

Designed by Caesar.
Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira.


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