Black Suit Superman Man of Steel Fan Art Review


Black Suit Superman Man of Steel Fan Art Review

The Death of Superman was never really meant to be the death of Superman (evidenced by, among other things, the fact that Superman comics continued to be published while he was “dead”) and the Reign of the Supermen event that followed fast on its heels would not only reveal what really happened to Kal-El, but it introduced the hero’s black suit. Ironically, while it probably seems fitting for Superman to be clad in black right after his death, the practical purpose of the uniform was for just the opposite.
The black uniform was often referred to as the “regeneration suit” during Reign of the Supermen, and was designed to heal the hero. When Kal-El revived in a regeneration pod in the Fortress of Solitude, his powers were diminished. The regeneration suit was built to more aggressively absorb the radiation of a yellow sun in order to heal Superman and regenerate his godlike powers.

Shortly after Reign of the Supermen, Kal-El returned to the classic red and blue suit. But his resurrection wouldn’t be the last time he needed the extra juice.

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