Our Story


Welcome to Marvelous Collectibles & Entertainment, wow that’s a mouthful… MCE, yeah that’s better!  MCE was founded in February, 2017 by Jorge Medina and John Medina—just a couple brothers trying to share the world of pop culture in a fun, entertaining, and captivating way.  However, the MCE story goes back to our childhood.

For Jorge, it started when our father took him to see ‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ for the first time.  Jorge was immediately hooked by the combination of adventure, fantasy and sci-fi – not to mention the creative genius of George Lucas, who would forever change special effects in movies!  With a growing appreciation for fantasy and adventure in movies and stories, it was no shock to our parents that Jorge would gravitate to the characters bios, toys/figures, comics, and adventure games. The force was strong with this one!

Now when John was born; I just had to make sure my little bro knew about the force, what an x-gene was, and of course “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start”!  Initially, it was about the figures and toys.  And boy did we enjoy our G.I. Joe wars—which sometimes went from make-believe to reality, like when John broke my Snake Eyes.  As we spent copious hours reading comics, or watching movies and TV shows, we would find ourselves in heated debates like whose better Vader or Obi-Wan, Gambit or Wolverine, Mario or Luigi, etc.  Gambit vs Wolverine is one we never see eye to eye on.  And though we grew up, our affinity for Pop Culture remained. 

We started MCE with the goal of providing our followers with high quality shows, reviews, and articles; providing the latest industry news and trends, as well as insight on the hottest statues & collectibles from all genres of Pop Culture.  Whether you are a collectible enthusiast, a movie buff, a gamer, or just have passion for Pop Culture, MCE is the place for you.  Here at MCE; you will be INFORMED, you will be AMAZED, and most importantly, you will be ENTERTAINED!

At MCE, we believe Pop Culture is part of everyone’s life.  You see it in our movies, our stories, our clothing, and even our speech.  It’s something that can be shared with your parents, your siblings, and even your kids.  And though we hope you enjoy our finds, thoughts, and opinions; we welcome your engagement with us.  Reach out anytime!  If you are a fellow enthusiast with a Pop Culture show or idea, and would like to join the MCE family, hit us up.  If you are a studio or artist that would like to share your work with us, we are always looking to showcase the latest and greatest on our channels!  MCE will always be evolving, so stay tuned! 

Thank you for reading about us, and we hope you enjoy our site.

Stay Marvelous Everyone!

Jorge and John