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The Worst Deadpool 2 Review | Off the Reel

Welcome to the worst Deadpool 2 Review you will probably ever see! Really there are better. In this Episode, we take a look a...

Wolverine, Elektra, Poison Ivy, ThunderCats, and More! | The Collecting News Episode 56

MCE's The Collecting News Episode 56 is coming to you live Saturday, May 19th at 4 pm EST, 1 pm PST, and 8 pm...
DC Premium Format Collection

New DC Premium Format Collection Sideshow Collectibles

Earlier this year, Sideshow revealed a new collection of DC characters were on the way. First we saw the Trinity with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This had fans thinking this was just another reboot. But now Sideshow teases the full depth of where they are going with the new DC Premium Format Collection!
Predator Jungle Hunter

Preview The Predator Jungle Hunter Premium Art Print

The hunt has started! Today, Sideshow gave us a sneak peak to the Predator Jungle Hunter Art Print! The Predator Jungle Hunter art print is by Fabian Schlaga, and limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Pre-Orders for the framed version of this Predator pint will begin on Friday, May 25, 2018 between 9AM – Noon (Pacific Time)

Cartoon Network Bringing Back ThunderCats

It's been 33 years since Lion-O and the gang first premiered. In 2011, Cartoon Network brought back the series for a short run. While the animation was great, the story failed to deliver and the show was canceled. Now, Cartoon Network seeks to bring the beloved series back again but in a very different way.

Limited Edition Marvel Logo Bookend by Gentle Giant Ltd

Unboxing & Review of the Limited Edition Marvel logo Bookend by Gentle Giant Ltd. Get your Mac Collections T-shirts here

Immortalized In Stone (Episode 206) Contest Drawing

A panel of collectors discuss what's going on in collecting today with a bit of humor. Contest prize drawing today. Congrats to the winners....
Cable Premium

Cable Premium Format Figure Coming Soon!

Just announced today, Sideshow is coming out with a Cable Premium Format Figure! RSVP now at to reserve your spot!

CGC Spotlight: X-Men 1, Daredevil 1, Amazing Spider-Man 1

I take a closer look at some blue chip Marvel keys. We look at GPA to see trends and prices as well as the...
Deadpool and Cable Premium

The Deadpool & Cable Premium Art Print Coming This Friday!

Just in time for Deadpool 2, Sideshow will release their Deadpool & Cable Premium Art Print this Friday! I have to admit, this is one bad ass looking art print. Definitely worthy of the comics and the movie. 





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